Matcha : more than just Tea

       Matcha on the Rise

In the last decade Matcha has secured it’s spot on the trendy list here in Europe, available in many coffee shops throughout major cities this tea is boasted for its health benefits including a high caffeine content. Its rich green color comes from the chlorophyll in the tea leaves as Matcha is made of very
fine ground green tea leaves, compared to other tea with Matcha the green tea leaves are consumed entirely, Matcha meaning nothing other than „powdered tea“. Matcha is traditionally made using a bamboo whisk, hot water and a fairly large Matcha bowl. Traditionally the water used during a Matcha ceremony should not exceed 80 degrees celsius.

         Health Benefits of Matcha:

  • Matcha contains high amounts of a group of antioxidants called polyphenols. Polyphenols have been linked to protection against heart disease and cancer.
    Polyphenol has been shown to help regulate blood-sugar levels & blood-pressure.
  • Matcha can also contain up to three times as much caffeine as coffee since you are consuming the entire leaf. Most coffee drinkers can attest to the slight anxiousness after too many cups of coffee, Matcha in comparison
    is known to create an alert-calmness.
  • While many claim that Matcha can boost your metabolism a significant which in return can excel weight loss, studies have shown that these claims are based off of Matcha’s energy boosting properties.
  • Rich in vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium

Matcha Latte Secret Garden Style …

Best places to buy Matcha powder in Vienna:

Cha No Ma Teehaus- Faulmanngasse 7 -1040 Wien
A cute little Japanese tea store, here they sell traditional Japanese Mochi and other sweets. Here you can find everything you need to make you own matcha tea at home

Sonnentor- Neubaugasse 29-1070 Wien
Home to a wide variety of spices, oils, teas and small home goods.

Visit us to try some of our own Matcha latte creations available with normal or plant based milk!

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