War forgets peace.
Peace forgives war.
War is the death of the life human.
Peace is the birth of the Life Divine.

—  Sri Chinmoy

Peace Jharna Kala

Peace is priceless indeed! Why do we heed to this fundamental wisdom only when it is being threatened ? Today let me share some of Sri Chinmoys enlightened reflections on war and peace – may they give you the same inspiration, hope and consolation they are to me …

Man invents war. Man discovers peace.
He invents war from without. He discovers peace from within.
War man throws. Peace man sows.
The smile of war is the flood of human blood.
The smile of peace is the love, below, above.

—  Sri Chinmoy

I especially cherish Sri Chinmoy’s candid and often humorous Q&A sessions with the Supreme – which reveal the loving, open and intimate relationship between a God-realised master and his Source – and provide us with an unguarded glimpse of the higher truths:

„My Lord,
Everybody knows what war is
And what peace is.
May I learn from You
The difference?

„My child,
War is the mind’s
World-devouring problem.
Peace is the heart’s
World-illumining solution.“

„My Lord,
How can humanity
Stop declaring war?

„My child, easily.
Just by not thinking of war,
Exactly the way humanity
Does not think of Me.“

„My Lord,
After You created the world,
Did You ever think of war?“

„My child,
I have infinitely better things to think of:
Love, oneness and peace.“

„My Lord,
Will there be a day
When there will be no war
And this world of ours
Will be flooded with peace?“

„My child,
Do not think of war.
Do not think of peace.
Just become peace.
Lo and behold, war is nowhere.“

Peace Jharna Kala

In 1970, at the invitation of then Secretary-General U Thant, Sri Chinmoy began conducting twice-weekly meditations at the United Nations open to all staff and delegates. He strongly believed in the power of love and oneness within a world-family that will bring about the transformation and perfection of humanity.

Sri Chinmoy – who often referred to himself as „a student of peace“, or „dreamer of peace“ gave credit to this goal not only in his Jharna Kala artworks and poetic renderings – but also made it the core message of countless musical creations.

Sri Chinmoy music

As member of the „Sri Chinmoy children singers“ (although most of us ladies have left their infantry quite far behind by now – at least outwardly 😉 ) I especially treasure these simple, soulful melodies that capture the highest truth so effortlessly.


As I indeed treasure the friendship with my fellow sister-singers – especially in times like these, where oneness and goodwill seem more important than ever. Last weekend at a get-together in Munich we planted a little almond peace-tree, to share this feeling with our fellow human beings near and far. For who will bring about world peace if not us – you and me?

dreamer of peace